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Free MKV Player 2.0

Free MKV Player is a video player that lets you play Matroska Video files
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Free MKV Player is a video player that lets you play Matroska Video files. MKV is a great video container. It is an open-source format and it is widely used for the distribution of high-definition content on the Internet. This player works, but it is not the best solution for watching this kind of files. I will tell you why. First, there are many features that you just can't access with this app. Many MKV files come with multiple audio and subtitle tracks, and you simply can't choose which one you want to use with Free MKV Player. You can change the position of the subtitles and the volume of the audio, but that is it. The second problem that I noticed is that the user interface is not very responsive. The player doesn't have any on-screen controls. You need to right-click on the screen to access a menu with a lot of options. Each option has a hotkey assigned, but neither the options nor the hotkeys work all the time. The only control that worked all the time was play/pause. The other thing is that some movies, when played in full-screen weren't correctly displayed.

In short, although this player can open MKV files just fine, it isn't a good player.

José Fernández
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  • It is free


  • The interface is unresponsive
  • It doesn't display full-screen movies in a right way
  • No on-screen controls
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